Ductless Mini-Splits

A mini-split heat pump cools and heats your room all in one. During the summer, the highly efficient heat pump will fill your room or multiple zones with cool air. During the fall and winter months, it will gently warm your room. The mini-split air conditioner is great for cooling a sunroom, media room or even multiple rooms in your home.

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Mini-Split Systems

ESTAR ICON ENERGY STAR® Product   Energy Efficiency (SEER) HSPF Sound Price
ESTAR ICON MLA Mini-Split Heat Pump   up to 24 up to 11 27 $$
Outstanding cold-climate capabilities, operates in temperatures as low as -22°F 
ESTAR ICON MPB Mini-Split Heat Pump   up to 24.5 up to 11.5 24 $$
Efficient heating and cooling ideal for add-on spaces 
MHA Mini-Split Heat Pump   up to 19 up to 10 24 $
Reliable, efficient heating and cooling for any room 
MCA Mini-Split Air Conditioner   up to 20 25 $
Quiet, efficient cooling for any room